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Feature Rich Tool Management Software

Track Tools + Manage Inventory = Reduce Cost

  • Tools

    Track various assets, like Tools, Bulk Items, Consumables and Equipments.

    Tools: These are high value assets that you want to track individually. Each will have its own unique barcode or serial number (asset tag). Tool ownership is tracked to an individual and tools are required to be returned.

    Bulk Assets: Bulk Assets are items that you want to track and are expected to be returned, but are tracked as a group, like shovel. They are less valuable then Tool, but you still want them to be returned.

    Consumable: Items that will be used / consumed during normal work (like welding rods or water bottles). They are tracked as a group and auto removed from ownership based on time as they are consumed.

    Equipment: Similar to Tools, these are high value items that are tracked individually and havefixed duration for which they are reserved.

  • Field Order

    Forman and other field users can directly order tools from field using easy to understand online shopping based experience. Just search for tool, click add and order. They will get notification when order is fulfilled and ready for pickup. (no need to be on phone and check tool availability with different tool rooms)
  • Field Transfer

    Allows user can request tool transfer from other users. Just search from desired tool based on user, click add and send in request. User will be notified when request status changes. Or Tool Owner can initiate tool transfer as well, this way they transfer tool ownership responsibility to new user. Proxy transfer allows tool room staff to quickly move tool from one user to another while keeping proper audit trail.
  • Order Dispatch

    Fulfill Field orders with fast scan and dispatch routine. As soon as one tool is scanned and picked, app automatically shows next tool to pickup, allowing user to fulfill entire order in one go. Tool Room Staff can also indicate tool out of stock or add comments as needed
  • Ad-hoc Orders

    Tool Room Staff can fulfill walk-in orders. Just scan tools, add user and dispatch order.
  • Store Transfer

    Transfer inventory from one store to another. Either requesting store can raise transfer request or originating store can initiate one. Scan and transfer on tool receipt or indicate lost in transit. Proxy functionality allows tool room manager to transfer inventory from one store to another.
  • Purchase Orders

    Utilize Digital Purchase Orders to buy tools and supplies from external vendors. It comes with approval workflow and includes automatic audits.Learn More ->
  • Maintenance Management

    Easily create and schedule maintenance service orders on the go. Service Personnel are notified of pending work orders and can start working using unique Scan and Service functionality. Just scan the equipment to service and start the work. Keep track of service progress and get notified when it is complete so that you can put equipment back in use!
    Learn More ->
  • RFID Tracking

    Efficiently keep track of your tools and equipment with RFID Tracking functionality. With in-built support for reading RFID tags using Smartphones, ToolWorks provides a flexible solution to track your assets on the go, wherever they are!
    Learn More ->
  • Asset Depreciation

    ToolWorks includes automatic asset depreciation calculations for Tools and Equipments, as well as support for Fiscal Year.
    Learn More ->
  • Tool Catalog

    Central tool catalog allows you to keep log of tool across different job sites and tool rooms. See full inventory of tool across entire organization.
  • Location

    Hierarchal location allow you to model real world. When you start, one location called Company HQ is auto added. Add job sites and tool rooms to job site as needed.
  • Users

    Add user and assign role and tool room. You can also see all the tools user owns.
  • Reports

    Track tool hordes to order fulfillments, numerous reports are available to help you with decision making.
  • Configuration

    Configure various system options and behavior to mold system to way you work.
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