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Tired of Misplaced Tools and Wasted Time?
Total Control Over Your Tool Inventory

Track tools, reduce costs, and empower crews with our easy-to-use tool tracking and inventory management software.

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Here's how ToolWorks can help you:

Desktop App Screens
  • Never waste time searching for missing tools again

    Know exactly where every tool is, who has it, and when it's due back.

  • Reduce costly tool loss and hoarding

    Get real-time insights into your inventory and hold crew members accountable.

  • Empower your crews to get the job done faster

    With our mobile app, they can easily check in/out tools, order what they need, and stay on schedule.

  • Save money by keeping accurate tool counts

    Reduce unnecessary tool purchases and optimize your equipment utilization.

  • Simplify tool management across multiple locations

    Easily transfer tools between stores and maintain a centralized view of your inventory.

Why ToolWorks?

Kiosk Mode: Self-service Checkout/Check In

Run your tool room on Auto-Pilot with ToolWorks Kiosk Mode. This game-changing feature empowers your employees to self-checkout and check-in tools with ease, streamlining operations and enabling your tool room to run 24/7.

Kiosk Mode leverages cutting-edge technology to automate the checkout and check-in processes, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency. With user-friendly interfaces and robust features, such as barcode/QR Code/RFID scanning and employee authentication, your employees can access the tools they need, when they need them, without any hassle.

    Key Benefits of Self Service Kiosk Mode
  • Seamless Self-Checkout

    Employees can scan their badges and tool barcodes to check out required tools, ensuring real-time tracking and inventory updates.

  • Efficient Self-Check-In

    Returning tools is a breeze – scan badges, scan tools, and mark their condition (Okay, Repair, or Damaged) with just a few taps.

  • Enhanced Accountability

    Real-time tracking and accurate tool condition reporting provide complete visibility and accountability over your tool inventory.

  • Increased Productivity

    By eliminating manual processes and wait times, Kiosk Mode boosts efficiency and allows your employees to focus on their core tasks.

  • Cost Savings

    Automated processes and optimized resource utilization translate into substantial cost savings for your business.

Experience the future of tool room management with ToolWorks Kiosk Mode and unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

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Mobile Tool Management

  • Dashboard

    Glance at pending Orders and any due equipment. Take actions directly from Dashboard.

  • Tools

    Visual Tool List, Scan and Add tool, at-a-glance see Availability, Assign Tool to User and Check In!

  • Order Dispatch

    Dispatch orders, fulfill ad-hoc walk-in orders and check-in equipment

Mobile App Dashboard Screen
  • My Tools

    View all assigned Tools, Equipments, Bulk and Consumables, and get tools!

  • Store Transfer

    Request tool transfer from other store and re-balance inventory on the go.

  • Maintenance

    Easily create and schedule maintenance service orders on the go.

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