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ToolWorks Asset Types are designed to provide you with comprehensive control over your assets, enabling precise tracking and efficient management. Whether you're handling high-value tools, bulk items, consumables, or equipment, ToolWorks ensures that your inventory is under your complete command.

Tools: Precision at Your Fingertips

Tools, also known as Serialized Assets, are your high-value companions on the job. Each tool is assigned a unique barcode or serial number, acting as its digital fingerprint. ToolWorks makes sure that the ownership of each tool is meticulously monitored, allowing you to trace it back to the responsible individual. With individual tracking, you can keep a watchful eye on the whereabouts of these critical assets. And when the job is done, ToolWorks helps you ensure that each tool is returned and accounted for.

Bulk Items: Grouped Accountability

Bulk Assets, while not individually tracked like tools, are equally important to your workflow. Items like shovels, hammers, and other equipment that are valuable but not serialized can be managed as a group. ToolWorks helps you track these items, making sure they are checked out when needed and returned when the task is complete. Group tracking streamlines your inventory management, saving you time and effort.

Consumables: Continuous Workflow, Effortless Tracking

Consumable items, the workhorses of your projects, are essential for your day-to-day operations. Welding rods, water bottles, and other frequently used items fall into this category. ToolWorks understands that these assets are meant to be used up over time. Our system allows you to track these items as a group, and thanks to our intelligent tracking algorithms, they are automatically removed from your inventory based on usage or time intervals. This ensures that your teams have access to the supplies they need without manual intervention.

Equipment: Reserved Excellence

Similar to tools, Equipment are high-value assets that deserve individual attention. These items, with predefined reservation periods, require meticulous management. Whether it's heavy machinery or specialized gear, ToolWorks enables you to monitor the usage of each equipment piece. You can ensure that they are booked, used, and returned within the specified time frame, optimizing their utilization and minimizing downtime.

In a nutshell, Asset Types in ToolWorks empower you with adaptable tracking methods that cater to the unique characteristics of your assets. Whether you're managing individual tools, grouping bulk items, keeping tabs on consumables, or overseeing equipment reservations, ToolWorks has your back. Our intuitive interface, coupled with powerful tracking capabilities, simplifies your inventory management so you can focus on what matters most: getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

Try out Asset Types in ToolWorks today and experience a new level of asset management precision!

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