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What's New

Here's the latest on what we've been up to!

Tool Location Map

Tool location can now be seen on Map. Location is based on last scan. ToolWorks mobile app has been updated to automatically record GPS for every scan. Currently location is record when you add a Tool with scanner, update a tool using scanner, Audit tool. In addition, you can request Tool Custodian to scan all tools in their possession. (Formal Custodian Tool Audit coming soon)

Enhanced Feature
App Improvements
Mar 9 2024

Inventory Action

You can now see last 20 actions for a tool inventory. We automatically track changes to quantity as well as status. You can find out how took the action and when.

Enhanced Feature
App Improvements
Mar 6 2024

User Invitation

ToolWorks now automatically sends out email invite to each new user that you add. Invite allows user to join and select their own password.

Enhanced Feature
App Improvements
Feb 26 2024

Audit For Location

Audit now allows you to select location to audit. With this you can decide to audit a single location or entire company.

Enhanced Feature
App Improvements
Feb 16 2024

Location Photo

You can now upload photo of your location. Just select a location details and upload photo. Photo is shown on main location tree view as well as in all other places. This makes it easier to identify and pick proper location.

UI Improvements
Jan 26 2024

New Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard has been enhanced to show new information. New top level stat widget shows total tool inventory, number of locations and users. In addition three new Chart widgets has been added:

  • Tools Status: Shows count of tools for various status like Available, Checked Out etc.
  • Location Tools: Shows locations and tool count for each location.
  • Type of Tools: Stats for different types of tools in inventory.

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UI Improvements
Jan 19 2024

Tools Table view

Tools Inventory can now be viewed in a Spreadsheet/Table view. This allow you to easily see all the tool information in a single row. It shows same information as in Card view, but in a more denser format, allowing you to seeing more tools on same screen. Includes tool photo, barcode as model/manufactures, tool status and quick action to Assign Tool and if tool is already assigned, current Tool Custodian.

UI Improvements
Jan 12 2024

Scan And Go Transfer

Introducing ToolWorks Scan and Go for Streamlined Tool Transfers.

ToolWorks has introduced a new Scan and Go feature designed to simplify and streamline the process of transferring tools between stores. This new capability improves upon the existing tool transfer workflow to make transfers faster and more convenient.

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New Feature
App Improvements
Nov 10 2023

Tool List Report

Added new report Tool List. Tool List allows you to get of tools for a location (tool store). Just select a tool store and view to get list of tools in that location. Report also provides count of tool and barcode/qr code. You can select from Barcode or QR Code to be displayed on the report (defaults to barcode).

App Improvements
Sep 23 2023