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Construction Tool Inventory Software

A simpler way for construction companies to keep track of their tools and equipments.

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A modern tool inventory system for the modern construction companies

  • ToolWorks Construction tool tracking and inventory management software provides a real-time view of your tools and equipment across locations. It provides you with up to date inventory count and allows you tracks assignment to keep team members accountable.
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Right Tool at the Right Time in the Right Hand

Field Personal need variety of tools and equipment at right time to carry out their assigned tasks.

  • Field Ordering using mobile App enables field staff to search for tool availability and order them on the go. No more waiting in line at tool crib to get required tools.
  • Reduce downtime due to tool unavailability by letting field personal transfer equipment using mobile app and automatically keeping accurate track of ownership.
  • Make everyone accountable, let users know tools they are responsible for and when they need to return.
  • And ToolWorks includes unlimited users, allowing you to empower everyone from managers to field staff!

Streamline Tool Crib Operation

To stay on schedule and maximize productivity, your team needs a modern Construction tool management system like TookWorks.

  • Utilize our built-in fast scanner to quickly fill order with continuous scan feature. Our AI-powered scanner can read barcode, QR codes and even labels!
  • Keep tool store staff informed with quick overview of pending orders and equipments due, including low stock alerts.
  • Request tool transfer from other store and re-balance inventory on the go..
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Tool Inventory

Get The Full Picture

ToolWorks Construction tool tracking and inventory management software ensures you know exactly where your tools are, what condition they’re in and how they are being used.

  • Site wide view of inventory, across tool cribs and even for multiple job sites
  • Know surplus inventory locations and avoid inventory build up with site to site transfers.
  • Maximize tool utilization and reduce cost by identifying tool hoarders and knowing up to the minute tool ownership details.
  • Utilize digital purchase orders to track price and quantity of tools purchased and get detailed reports that will help you make smarter purchases in the future.

Explore Other Features

  • Field Order

    Enable field users to order tools from field using easy to understand online shopping based experience.

  • Field Transfer

    Allow field users to transfer tool to other users in field while keeping proper audit trail.

  • Asset Management

    See full inventory of tools, equipment, bulk items and consumables across entire organization.

  • Asset Checkout / Check-in

    Scan barcode, QRCode or labels on tools to quickly check out tools and automatically flow up when they are over due.

  • Store Transfer

    Easily track and transfer tools from one location to other and re-balance inventory across entire organization with automatic audit of transfer.

  • Purchase Orders

    Utilize Digital Purchase Orders to buy tools and supplies from external vendors, with approval workflow and automatic audits.

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