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Create Multiple Hierarchial Store Locations and Manage Store Transfers, all in one place

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Welcome to ToolWorks, where managing your tools and inventory has never been easier. Our advanced fixed asset management app empowers you to take control of your assets across multiple store locations with the Store Transfer feature. With a powerful hierarchical store location system and intuitive tool management, ToolWorks lets you effortlessly transfer tools between stores, ensuring efficient inventory utilization and seamless operations.

Multiple Store Locations: Modeling Real-World Scenarios

ToolWorks understands the complexities of your business environment. We've designed the app with a hierarchical store location system that mirrors the real world. When you start using ToolWorks, a primary store location called "Company HQ" is automatically set up for you. From there, you have the flexibility to add various types of locations, including job sites and tool rooms.

  • Job Sites: Create job site locations to manage tools for specific projects or operations. Each job site can have its own inventory, allowing you to keep track of tools dedicated to particular tasks.

  • Tool Rooms/Cribs: Implement tool rooms/cribs within job sites for further organization. Tool rooms serve as internal stocking locations, where tools can be checked out and returned by authorized personnel.

  • Stocking Warehouses: Manage larger quantities of tools in stocking warehouses. These locations focus on inventory storage and do not support direct tool checkouts or returns.

  • Non-Stocking Locations: Aggregate data from multiple children locations, such as project sites or regions. This feature enables you to gather insights without affecting individual inventory counts.

Efficient Store Transfers: Simplified Movement of Tools

Our Store Transfer feature revolutionizes the way you move inventory between different locations. Whether you need to request tools from another store or initiate a transfer yourself, ToolWorks streamlines the process for maximum efficiency.

  • Transfer Requests: Allow requesting stores to raise transfer requests when they require specific tools. This process ensures that tools are moved to where they're needed promptly, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource allocation.

  • Initiate Transfers: Take control of inventory movement by initiating transfers from the originating store. This proactive approach enables you to manage stock levels effectively and prevent shortages.

  • Scan and Transfer: Seamlessly transfer tools by scanning their barcodes upon receipt. This ensures accurate inventory tracking and reduces manual errors during the transfer process.

  • Lost in Transit: In case of any unexpected issues during transit, ToolWorks lets you indicate items as "Lost in Transit." This feature maintains transparency and accountability throughout the entire tool transfer journey.

  • Proxy Functionality: Empower tool room managers to transfer inventory between stores on your behalf. This feature streamlines administrative tasks and delegation, making it easier to manage inventory movement.

ToolWorks brings you a comprehensive solution for tool tracking and inventory management. With support for multiple locations and the Store Transfer feature, you can move tools seamlessly between different locations, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Say goodbye to inventory bottlenecks and embrace a new level of control with ToolWorks.

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