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Start Tracking

Video of Tool Management Software

Learn how to setup and use ToolWorks to track your tools and manage inventory.

  • Add New Tool

    Use mobile app to scan and add new tool
    Video show how to quickly add new tool using mobile app
  • Checkout Tools

    Use mobile app to scan and checkout tools
    Video show how to checkout tools using mobile app
  • CheckIn Tools

    Use mobile app to scan and check-in tools
    Video show how to CheckIn Tools using mobile app
  • Kiosk Mode

    Use mobile app for Self Service Tool Management
    Video show how to setup and use Kiosk Mode
  • Create Account

    Sign Up and Start
    Video show how to sign up for ToolWorks. Once sign up is completed, you are automatically logged in and video explores the default settings includes as part of account creation.
  • Setup

    Bulk Upload to Setup User, Tools and Equipments
    First we see how to setup users and then it assigns roles to user Video next show bulk uploading tools. When tools are uploaded, it auto creates catalog and category. We next upload equipments. With all data loaded, we are ready to start using toolworks. You can also add tools and user one at a time using Create functionality.
  • Field Order And Tool Dispatch

    Order on the go using Mobile and easily dispatch tool orders.
    Video first show user ordering tool using mobile. Once order is place, Tool Store Staff gets notified (on both desktop and mobile) of pending tool order. Next we see tool store staff clicking notification and able to directly see order to fulfill Tool Store Staff fulfills order (on mobile using scanner or desktop by search and add) and marks order as Ready. Foreman gets notified tool order is ready for pickup on mobile. Once foreman picks-up the order, tool store staff marks order as completed.