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Imagine having a single, intuitive window into your entire tool ecosystem. No more wondering how many tools you have, when equipment is due, or what inventory needs restocking. The ToolWorks Dashboard delivers real-time insights and actionable information in one centralized location, saving you time and ensuring smooth operations.

Your Single Source of Truth

One of the key advantages of the Dashboard is its role as a single source of truth for your asset database. No more navigating through multiple platforms or spreadsheets—our Dashboard ensures that you have consolidated and accurate information at your fingertips.

  • Consolidated overview
    Gain a quick snapshot of your total inventory count and its status (available, checked out, in repair, etc.)
  • Inventory by location
    Know exactly how many tools are stored in each location, ensuring optimal resource allocation.
  • Type breakdown
    Drill down and see the count for each type of inventory (bulk, consumable, equipment, etc.) for targeted management.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The Dashboard comes equipped with a variety of handy widgets, delivering quick and precise information. These widgets serve as at-a-glance tools, allowing you to monitor crucial aspects of your asset management seamlessly.

  • Order tracking
    Monitor store orders through various stages (pending, approved, fulfilled, cancelled) and access them directly with a click.
  • Equipment due
    Never miss a return. Be notified about equipment due today or past due, with handy links for quick action.
  • Restock alerts
    Get proactive with inventory management. Identify both consumables and regular tools needing replenishment before they run out.
  • Request & transfer tracking
    View updates on your tool requests and equipment transfers, keeping you in control of your assets.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Navigate effortlessly through your current total inventory and its status. Stay informed about the status of your orders with insightful statistics. Stats comes with a direct link to the corresponding functionality page, simplifying your workflow.

  • Interactive widgets
    Dive deeper into specific areas with charts and detailed lists for tool status, location distribution, and more.
  • Direct links
    Access relevant pages effortlessly – jump to orders, equipment, requests, and transfers directly from the widget.
  • Personalized view
    Focus on what matters most. See equipment and requests specific to you, along with their statuses and direct links.

The ToolWorks Dashboard empowers you to:

  • Make informed decisions
    With real-time data and actionable insights, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your asset management processes
  • Improve efficiency
    Streamline workflows and save time by having all the information you need readily available in one place.
  • Reduce costs
    Proactive inventory management and equipment due reminders can help you avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Boost user satisfaction
    Empower your users with easy access to information and tools, leading to a more efficient and productive work environment.

Dive into the Widgets

The Dashboard widgets have been thoughtfully designed to cater to your specific needs, providing a dynamic and visually appealing interface.

Tools, Locations, and Users

  • Total Inventory

    Keep an eye on your overall inventory.

  • Number of Locations

    Get a snapshot of your spread across different locations

  • Number of Users

    Stay informed about the user base

Tool Stats

  • Tool Status

    Chart showcasing tool count by status

  • Location Tools

    Chart illustrating tool count by location.

  • Type of Tools

    Dive into a chart detailing tool count by inventory type

Store Insights

  • Order Stats

    Keep track of your tool requests with insightful stats and direct links.

  • Equipment Due

    Stay on top of equipment due today and past due, directly linked to the order page.

  • Transfer Request Status

    Monitor transfer requests with real-time stats and direct links to the latest requests.

  • Restock Consumables and Inventory

    Convenient lists highlighting consumables and tools that need restocking.

Personalized Insights

  • My Request Status

    Keep track of your tool requests with insightful stats and direct links.

  • My Due Equipments

    Never miss a deadline by staying updated on your equipment due today and past due.

  • My Transfer Request Status

    Monitor your tool transfer requests with personalized stats and direct links.

Empower Your Asset Management

The ToolWorks Dashboard is more than just a data display – it's a powerful tool for proactive management and informed decision-making. With its centralized view, actionable insights, and seamless navigation, you can optimize your asset utilization, streamline workflows, and ultimately save time and money.

The ToolWorks Dashboard is your essential tool for efficient asset management. Gain instant insights, make informed decisions, and keep your operations running smoothly. Start using it today and experience the power of centralized control!

Join the ToolWorks family today and experience the future of tool tracking and inventory management.

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