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RFID Tool Tracking Software

Efficiently keep track of you tools and equipment with ToolWorks RFID Asset Tracking software. With in-built support for reading RFID tags using Smartphones, ToolWorks provides a flexible solution to track your assets on the go, wherever they are!

RFID tool tracking solution uses state-of-the-art technology to help companies in construction, oil & gas, mining, and many other industries quickly and efficiently maintain real-time data regarding tool locations, maintenance history and inventory levels.

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Like barcode, but Smarter.

Track assets without need for line-of-sight scanning. Also read multiple tags at once, increasing efficiency and performance.

Rugged asset tracking

Track tools and equipment in harsh environments, even if covered with dirt and grime, or placed inside the equipment!

iPhone NFC


Any conditions scanning

  • Keep track of you tools and equipment and quickly move them through the system with support for fast continuous scanning of multiple assets. No need for line-of-sight scanning.


Hybrid Multiple Tracking

  • ToolWorks supports range of scanning technologies, from simple labels, to more advance barcode / QR codes and state-of-the-art RFID tags. Don't settle for one or either, you need combination of all to track variety of assets.
    1. Barcode
    2. QR Code
    3. RFID / NFC
    4. Label
Scan Label

Explore Other Features

  • Field Order

    Enable field users to order tools from field using easy to understand online shopping based experience.

  • Field Transfer

    Allow field users to transfer tool to other users in field while keeping proper audit trail.

  • Asset Management

    See full inventory of tools, equipment, bulk items and consumables across entire organization.

  • Asset Checkout / Check-in

    Scan barcode, QRCode or labels on tools to quickly check out tools and automatically flow up when they are over due.

  • Store Transfer

    Easily track and transfer tools from one location to other and re-balance inventory across entire organization with automatic audit of transfer.

  • Purchase Orders

    Utilize Digital Purchase Orders to buy tools and supplies from external vendors, with approval workflow and automatic audits.

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