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In industries like construction, utilities, and field operations, keeping track of tools and equipment can be a daunting task. Tools frequently move between job sites, teams, and workers, making it challenging to maintain accountability and prevent losses. Implementing an asset tracking system can seem like an added burden for field workers who are already focused on their primary tasks. However, ToolWorks offers a user-friendly solution that seamlessly integrates tool tracking into field operations without disrupting workflows.

The Challenge of Field Asset Tracking

Traditionally, asset tracking systems have relied on barcode scanning, which can be cumbersome and unreliable in rugged field environments. Field workers often resist adopting new technologies, especially those that require additional steps or complex processes. Furthermore, the implementation of asset tracking systems often fails due to a lack of buy-in from field teams, who may perceive it as an unnecessary distraction from their core responsibilities.

ToolWorks: Designed with Field Users in Mind

ToolWorks is a comprehensive tool and asset tracking solution designed specifically for field operations. The platform's intuitive interface mimics the familiar experience of online ordering, making it easy for field workers to adopt and use without extensive training.


Visual Tool Ordering

With ToolWorks, field workers can visually browse and select the tools they need, just as they would when shopping online. No need to memorize complex codes or fumble with barcode scanners – they can simply tap or click on the desired tools and add them to their order. The large, glove-friendly buttons ensure a seamless experience, even in challenging field conditions.

Field Transfers Made Easy

Transferring tools between teams or job sites is a common occurrence in field operations. ToolWorks streamlines this process with its Field Transfer feature. Field workers can visually select the tools they need to transfer, add the recipient's information, and complete the transfer – all without the need for barcode scanning. This ensures proper accountability and minimizes the risk of tools getting lost or misplaced during transfers.

Flexible Tracking Options

While barcode scanning is not a requirement for field workers, ToolWorks supports various barcode formats and can read labels on tools, providing flexibility for different scenarios. Tool crib or warehouse staff can leverage barcode scanning to improve efficiency and accuracy in a controlled environment. ToolWorks also supports advanced tracking using RFID

Getting Started with Minimal Investment

ToolWorks understands that implementing a comprehensive asset tracking system can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to tagging and cataloging existing tools. That's why the platform allows users to start tracking their assets with minimal investment. Staff can initially use permanent markers or existing labels to identify tools, gradually transitioning to more advanced tagging methods as they become familiar with the system.

Embracing Field-Friendly Asset Tracking

By addressing the pain points of field workers and leveraging familiar user experiences, ToolWorks offers a seamless solution for asset tracking in field operations. With its intuitive interface, visual tool selection, and field transfer capabilities, ToolWorks ensures that field teams can efficiently manage their tools without disrupting their primary tasks. Embrace the future of field asset tracking with ToolWorks and unlock the full potential of your operations.

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