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Start Tracking

Tool Tracking without Barcode with ToolWorks AI Label Scanner

Get started tracking tools with a simple label, no need to wait for tagging all equipments with barcodes.


You want to start tool tracking, but face the daunting task of barcoding all tools and equipments. It can be very time consuming and costly. Wouldn't it be great if you can track without first having to barcode all items? ToolWorks AI Label Scanner can read label, even if written by hand.

No Barcode Required

Barcode / QR Code are standard when it comes to tagging and tracking. However, they require lot of upfront work and continuous maintenance. You have to buy bar codes and then attach them to thousands of tools to start tracking. This step represents significant challenge and one of the reason many companies shy away from using automated tool tracking solutions.

But what if you can start tool tracking with just permanent marker? Most warehouse/tool crib personal already use permanent marker or label maker to label items. Today, technology has advanced where we can use machine learning to scan and decipher labels.

ToolWorks mobile app features AI Label Scanner, allowing you to utilize labels already on assets to start tracking.

With Label Maker

You can use a handy label maker or even just a computer, and print out label and stick to tools. Scanning works with both black text on white background, as well as with white text on black background. In fact, background does not matter, it scan on any background as long as their sufficinet contrast between text color and background (like black text on yellow)

Scanning White LabelScanning Black Label
Image showing white label being scanned on shiny black backgroundImage showing white label being scanned on shiny black background

Hand Written Label

You can also write out serial number or inventory barcode on tool using any permanent marker and scan away! Probably you are already numbering tools using permanent marker, in that case, you are all set, no need to barcode.

Image showing hand written label being scanned

Tip: Ensure that label is written as seperate legible letters!

Tracking with labels provides an easy on ramp on tool tracking and provides same error free data entry benefit of barcode at a fraciton of the cost!

To learn more about tool tracking technology that enables tracking without barcode, check out ToolWorks