Transfer In

Field Transfer allows you to transfer tools from one use to another, this way keeping track of proper tool ownership!

Transfer In allows you to request tools from fellow tool owner or Accept tool transfer requested

Steps - Create Request

  1. Select Transfer tab
  2. Select In (if not selected by default)
  3. Select New Transfer (in top left corner)
  4. This opens us New Transfer View
  5. Select Tool Owner from whom you will like to request tools
  6. Select Add Tools to add tool.
  7. On Add Tools View, you can find tool by tool name or catalog number and add needed tool from search results. You can continue with different search and add tools as needed.
  8. Alternatively on mobile, if you already have tool that you will like to request, use Scanner to scan the tool barcode and it will be added to list.
  9. When you have completed adding all desired tools, select Done and you will be back to New Transfer View
  10. You should see list of all tools that you just added. You have option to alter quantity or remove a tool if you changed your mind! (swipe left on mobile)
  11. Select Create to create transfer request. Once submitted, request is sent to tool owner.
  12. You can check status at time by selecting order or Cancel if you no longer needs tools
  13. You will be notified once Transfer Request is Ready.
  14. You can check progress by selecting transfer request and looking at tools fulfilled / requested count.

Additional Actions

Cancel Request

If you no longer needs tools that you requested, you can cancel transfer request unit it is Ready.

Accept Request

You will get notification about status of Request. If tool owner has added requested tools and fulfilled the request, you will get Ready notification.

Steps - Accept Request

  1. Select Transfer tab
  2. Select Ready filter to see list of Ready request.
  3. Select Request. This will open up Transfer - Ready view, which shows owner and list of tools that will be transferred.
  4. Select Accept to get tools and complete transfer request
  5. Alternatively, if you no longer need requested tool, select Decline.


  1. Tool Owner can decide to Decline or only partially fulfill request. Hopefully, you already had chat with owner before submitting request.
  2. Tool Owner can also initiate tool transfer request and transfer tools to you.
  3. Tool Transfer request can also be initiated by Store Staff with proper rights.