Stock Audit

Stock Audit functionality allows you to carry out physical verification of tool quantities and condition of items, and reconcile them instantaneously with database.

Create Stock Audit

Create stock audit event and assign rights to one or more users to carry out stock verification

  1. Select Stock Audit
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter Audit Name, Notes and Start date
  4. Save
  5. Optionally assign right Verify Stock to roles that will carry out stock verification

Verify Tools

From stock audit event, just scan and add tools. System will record all scans and save list of tools audited. At any time, you can see number of tools verified compared to total tools.

  1. On Audit Detail, select Add Tools
  2. Scan tool or manually add if required
  3. You can see tools already scanned by selecting X/total Counted.

Complete Stock Audit

Once done, just Complete the stock audit event. At any time, you can run report Tool Not Verified to find out tools that were not verified.

  1. On Audit Detail, select Complete