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Request functionality lets you request tools and equipments from the assigned tool store (and have it ready to be picked up!)


You can request any tools in just 3 steps

Select What type and When you need items

  1. From Request tab, Select Create Request / Add (in top right corner)
  2. You will be presented with Tool Request view.
  3. Select Tool or Equipment based on your needs.
  4. Add Date required and other information as needed in Request Details section.

Add Tools

  1. Select Add Tools to add required tools.
  2. On Add Tools View, you can find tool by tool name or catalog number and add needed tool from search results. You can continue with different search and add tools as needed.
  3. Alternatively on mobile, if you already have tool that you will like to re-request, use Scanner to scan required tool barcode and it will be added to list.
  4. When you have completed adding all required tools, select Done and you will be back to New Request View
  5. You should see list of all tools that you just added. You have option to alter quantity or remove a tool if you changed your mind! (swipe left on mobile)


  1. Select Create to submit the request. Once submitted, request is sent to tool store to be fulfilled (and dispatched).
  2. You can check status at any time by selecting request or Cancel if you no longer needs tools
  3. You can check exact progress by selecting request and looking at tools fulfilled / requested count.
  4. You will be notified once the Request is fulfilled and Ready.


New Request view features Auto Save functionality. So if you did not complete request previously, New Request view will show your uncompleted request and you can start from there!

Additional Actions

Cancel Request

If you no longer need tools that you requested, you can cancel request at any time (till you pick up!).


You can re-activate any previously cancelled request.