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Purchase Order

Purchase Orders are used to buy tools and supplies from external vendors. When tool store needs to by new tools and supplies, they create purchase order with required types of tools, vendor to purchase from, purchase price and quantity needed. Once submitted, Purchase Order is sent for approval. Upon approval, item can be purchased from vendor. Once items are received, entry is made to indicate quantity received and assigned barcodes. This results in items being added to tool inventory and available for order.


Purchase Order follows a pre-defined workflow.


When user creates Purchse Order, it is in DRAFT status. User can keep working on Purchase Order by adding tools and supplies to buy. Once user has finished and submitted Purchase Order for approval, status is changed to PENDING.

Once Approver approves the purchase order, status changes to APPROVED. Or if the order is rejected, status changes to REJECTED and user can make changes and resubmit for approval.

Once Purchase Order is Approved, user can make purchase with vendor and once items are ordered from vendor, user marks purchase order as PURCHASED.

When items are received from vendor, user records quantity received and assigned barcodes (asset tags) and marks order as COMPLETED.

Until Purchase Order is placed with external vendor, user can choose to close the order at anytime, which results in order being stopped and status changed to CLOSED.

Create Purchase Order

You can create purchase order in three simple steps

  1. Select Vendor, add desired purchase date and any additional comments
  2. Add Tools to purchase, along with price and quantity.
  3. Submit for Approval.

Complete Purchase Order

  1. Select 'Purchase' status filter and select order -or- search and select order.
  2. Select an item
  3. Record quantity received and any new barcodes added
  4. Save or Complete the order.