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Check In

Check In allows you to add returned tools back to inventory. You will also get option to indicate status of return tools.


  1. Select Dispatch Tab
  2. Select Check In (shown as ->] on mobile, in upper right corner)
  3. This will open up Check In Tools view. (You can check in tools or equipment)
  4. Select Tool Owner and enter who's tools are being returned.
  5. If someone else, other then tool owner is returning tools, select Tool Returned By and enter that person.
  6. Select Add Tool to turn on Scanner on mobile. Scan returned inventory.
  7. Alternatively, you can also manually add the returned inventory. Select Keyboard (top left corner) to bring up Add Tools view.On Desktop, when you select "Add Tools", you will we directly presented with Add Tools View.
  8. Once you are done with adding all inventory, select Done, and you will back to Check In View and it will show all tools that you have scanned
  9. You can see individual tool inventory by expanding the tool inventory. ( arrow > before inventory count) You can change quantity for Bulk and Consumables, as well as select status of inventory.
  10. If you will like to remove one the inventory items that you added, just swipe left and inventory will be removed. (or select Trash icon on Desktop).
  11. Once completed, select Check In (upper right corner). This will check in returned inventory and put it back in stock (based on status)