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Adhoc Order

Walk-Up or Adhoc Order functionality allows you to quickly fill walk up request for tools.

When a field personal show up at tool store (tool crib) with list of tools needed, you can use Adhoc Order functionality to quickly fill those requests


  1. Select Dispatch Tab
  2. Select Create Order (shown as + on mobile, in upper right corner)
  3. This will bring up New Order view.
  4. Select Check Out To and fill in person who will be checking out the tools
  5. Optionally, fill in Due Date, Comment and Job Number/Cost Code fields.
  6. Select Add Tool to turn on Scanner on mobile. Scan desired inventory and add it to order.
  7. Alternatively, you can also manually add the desired inventory. Select Keyboard (top left corner) to bring up Add Tools view.On Desktop, when you select "Add Tools", you will we directly presented with Add Tools View.
  8. Once you are done with adding all inventory, select Done, and you will back to New Order View and it will show all tools that you have added
  9. You can see individual tool inventory by expanding the tool inventory. ( arrow > before inventory count) You can also change quantity for Bulk and Consumables.
  10. If you will like to remove one the inventory items that you added, just swipe left and inventory will be removed. (or select Trash icon on Desktop)
  11. Once completed, you can check out by selecting Check Out (upper right corner).
  12. At any point, you can Save the current state. Saving order results in inventory being taken out of stock availability.


If you are expecting new hires to show up tomorrow, you can get head start by creating Adhoc Order, fill in the tools and Save. When new hire arrives, just enter their personal details and check out!