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Location allows user to setup location hirerachy modeling real world. A location represents place where normally tools are kept and allows copmany employees to get and return tools. Tool Inventory is tracked against a tool location.

Location can be of one of the following types

  • Non Stocking: Does not stock any tools
  • Stocking: Stocks tools, but does not offer ordering or return. For example, Warehouse, Jobsite
  • Stocking with CheckOut / Return: Stocks tools, and allows tool check out and return. For example, Toolcrib

Create New Location


  1. From Locations tab, click Create Location button.
  2. Enter Location Details like Name and Parent Location
  3. Enter Location Address
  4. Click Add Location

Edit Existing Location


  1. Select Location
  2. Modify Details as required
  3. Click Save to presist changes

Additional Actions

  • Delete: If a location is no longer required, you can Delete it. Before deleting existing tool store, please ensure that it has no child tool stores and there is no inventory at tool store, otherwise tool store delete will fail.