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A tool is a handheld device or piece of equipment designed to assist in the completion of a particular task or job. Tools can range from simple hand tools like hammers and screwdrivers to more complex power tools and specialized equipment. Effective management and tracking of tools is essential for ensuring crews have access to the right tools when and where they are needed, minimizing tool loss, and optimizing tool utilization across an organization.

Tools are assets or items that are used over time and are tracked individually. They are also referred to as Serialized Assets. They are high value assets that you want to track individually. Each will have its own unique barcode or serial number (asset tag). Tool ownership is tracked to an individual and tools are required to be returned.

Tools are checked out to people, can be reserved, services and moved across locations.

If you have 10 Cordless Drills, add them as 10 assets.